10 Beautiful Bathrooms With a View


See how an inspiring vista becomes an integral design detail in these breathtaking bathrooms

As a city dweller residing in a densely laid out neighborhood of San Francisco, I sometimes daydream about living someplace with more majestic views than that of my neighbor’s recycling bin. A fantastic view out a window would be particularly divine while enjoying a long soak in the bathtub, but I would settle for a stellar snapshot of a landscape from anywhere in the room. To help my little daydream, I’ve gathered an assortment of inspiring bathrooms with a covetous view.

Pacific Blue
1. Divine Down Under

I live in a region that experiences frequent droughts, so I’ve become quite adept at taking quick showers. If I had a lush view like this out the window, however, I might be hard-pressed to keep from lingering.

The combination of tropical greenery and big sky glimpsed through the window of this bathroom in Queensland, Australia, is absolutely breathtaking, especially at dawn or dusk, when the light and colors in the sky are so incredible.


2. Rocky Mountain Refined

One almost doesn’t notice how beautiful this Denver bathroom is because of that over-the-top mountain view.

I really like how the materials used inside relate to the natural elements on the outside. This is a terrific example of how to capitalize on a picturesque view: Keep the design simple so it doesn’t compete with the vista, and use colors and materials that honor and enhance what’s on display out the window.

3. In Full View

Many would want window treatments here — privacy film also can block visibility from the outside — but, wow, what a stunning view. This San Francisco bathroom is elegant, no-frills and all about that city vista.

4. Palm Frond Perfect

If that last example would leave you feeling a bit too exposed, here’s a view that is lovely and private. This bathroom in Tampa, Florida, illustrates an option for those of us lacking picturesque vistas: Fake it with pretty plants.

5. Treehouse Chic

Here’s a much more modest example of a bathroom with a nice view. It may be small in size, but this space in Clermont-Ferrand, France, is big on charming details, and while the view isn’t exactly sweeping, it’s still very appealing.

Similar to the bathroom in Tampa, this is a terrific option for those who want privacy but also desire something pretty on display outside the window. Whether intentional or not, the bright green leaves cleverly add a bit of realness to the tree motif of the wall covering, giving this space a treehouse vibe.

6. Panorama Glamour

It would be difficult to top the amazing panoramic views from this Vancouver bathroom. I imagine that being inside such an open, light-filled space with so many large windows hardly feels like being inside at all. It’s more like showering and bathing in the great outdoors itself.

7. Feel-Good Forest

This handsome bathroom near Lake Tahoe, California, balances open views with a sense of protection and privacy. The rich materials give it a warm and cozy vibe and the tree views soothe the soul.








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